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Welcome to the world of Corona Worldwide

Corona Worldwide was orginally the womens Corona Society set up by the Colonial Office to support wives of officers being sent to work in the Commonwealth. A returning wife was put in touch with her replacement. Through the years it extended its remit to support women going overseas for a variety of reasons, and to various countries. In the 1960s branches were set up in U.K. to support those returning from life overseas. It was realised that there could be just as much difficulty in adjusting back to life in UK after many years spent abroad.

Corona Worldwide through its network of branches both in UK and overseas helps women from all walks of life to adapt to new and different countries and cultures. As the world has changed so has the original Corona framework, from a Commonwealth focus to a general worldwide remit. Corona Worldwide is experienced and confident in easing women’s entry into new countries by putting them in touch with its many overseas branches or with a helpful in-country contact where there is no branch. In the UK the role has changed and developed in a way not envisaged by the founders but which evolved out of their original idea of offering support and friendship. Today the many Corona branches countrywide provide this for those who have lived overseas for many years and have now returned to the UK.

Corona World Wide offers women, in particular, advice and support both at home and abroad. Above all we offer friendship and community. Do come and join us

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